How do we engrave?

We use a patent pending machine that operates using Computer Numeric Control (CNC) technology. Traditional CNC machines are large stationary machines housed in warehouses, manufacturer and machine shops. Our portable, ultra stable machine drops onto any existing surface and engraves using diamond tipped engraving bits. We also haver alternate options such as abrasive blasting  

What does it cost to engrave?

Our technology eliminates the need for pre-printed templates and concrete pouring, less overhead, less hassle, more affordable for you! Send us a description of what you would like engraved including the size, depth, location, image, design, or logo and the type of surface you're looking to have engraved (includes: granite, limestone, cement slab, pour in place concrete, marble, asphalt, and wood). We'll get back to your within 24-72 hours

How long will it last?

We apply industrial grade sealer to protect your engraving and its color; it's as durable as the concrete you walk on. (Should you request color engravings)

How large can you engrave my design?

We engrave 3 foot by 2 foot engravings at a time but are not limited in size. We have engraved 15, and 20 foot engravings by enabling our tile feature (see gallery). Laser guiders and our Mach 3 software help line up your engraving to provide a seamless masterpiece. 

How deep will my engraving be?

The machine will engrave up to the length of the cutting bit, but for concrete we only recommend engraving the surface between 1/16 and 1/8th of an inch. We have done 1/2 inch to an inch deep engravings but its just a matter of your preference. Design features via our engraving software allow us to create layered tool paths which turn boring flat concrete into three-dimensional masterpieces!

How long will my engraving take?

There are many variables that determine the engraving time. A simple light etching can take anywhere from a coupe hours to a couple days; of course the deeper the engraving the more passes it requires to achieve the desired depth. Variables such as size, depth, detail, 3-D effect, and if and bit changing is required. Our CAD software automatically calculates a finish time after your design has been created.

Will it cut anything other than concrete?

Our machine will cut just about any surface imaginable. We have tested it with steel, aluminum, wood, brick, marble, granite, limestone, and even ice. 

What types of engravings have you completed?

We turn down no job, we have engraved anything from business logos, residential addresses to warehouse advisory signs, monuments, characters, text and letters. We are open to any type of engraving job and will work closely with you to create a rendering preview and ensure that what you want...is what you get! We've worked with large construction companies, public works, school superintendents, large retail shops, real estate companies.

Can you Engrave vertically?

We have just completed our first vertical engraving project without any issue, our project was completed at 11.5 feet high. The engraving machine can engraving the same patterns, logos, and text just as it would horizontally, and at any height. (see Vertical Engravings)

Do we travel outside of Los Angeles?

Yes! Our main office is located in Los Angeles; however we have an will travel outside of Los Angeles County. Of course there are limitations, the projects would require a certain square footage before being considered. Medium / Large projects - will travel to: San Fransisco, CA., Phoenix, AZ., New York, NY., Portland, OR.,Chicago, IL., Houston, TX., Boston, MA., Philadelphia, PA., Miami, FL., San Antonio, TX., Dallas, TX., Las Vegas, NV., San Diego, CA., San Jose, CA., Detroit, MI., Orlando, FL., Washington D.C., Tampa, FL., Seattle, WA., Sacramento, CA., Manhattan, NY., Oakland, CA., Salt Lake City, UT., Denver, Co. and many other surrounding areas, call for more info.

Can engravings be painted?

Yes! We can fill your engraving your color of choice.